In 2017 Hurricane Irma tore thru the Florida Keys leaving some areas a catastrophe. The aftermath left some areas completely wiped out. When I first photographed this area, and specifically this mangrove, there were quite a few buttonwood trees along the shore and now all that remain of them are twigs and overturned roots. This mangrove was filled with leaves and also had a partner next to her, but on this last trip there was no sign of him. The entire landscape was desolate and looked like a scene from a post apocalyptic time. My hope is that on my next trip I will see signs of regrowth. As a landscape photographer, I’ve grown attached to some of these places and I was left quite sad when I saw this devastation and even more since I titled my other photograph “To the End of Time”, referencing the two mangroves.

Limited Edition prints available for purchase below.

Florida Keys Landscape Photography



Florida Landscape Photography

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