Old Lady of the Lake

Lake Istokpoga is home to ancient Bald Cypress trees. Some are over 1000 years old. I find that each of these cypress trees have a personality of their own. While photographing this particular one, my mind began to think of all this tree has seen and been through. I thought about the stories it could tell. And for some reason, I began to view it as an old lady with long white hair. In the end, I dubbed her the Old Lady of the Lake. This photo was taken toward the end of spring and the water level of Lake Istokpoga was quite low. This allowed me to get into the shallows, which made it easier to isolate this ancient beauty. You can see more of these cypress trees in this video I recorded while kayaking.

Limited Edition Prints available for purchase below.

Lake Istokpoga Florida Landscape photography


Florida Landscape Photography

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