Florida Landscape photography classes

Florida Landscape Photography Workshops

With private One-on-One Florida Landscape Photography classes, you will learn how to use your digital camera (DSLR) out in the field, in real world conditions. As an experienced photography instructor, I will help you improve your landscape photography by learning composition, proper exposure, how to focus, and other techniques that will take your photography to the next level. You choose the time and place. You tell me what you would like to learn. And most of all, have fun and become inspired while improving your photography skills. Classes available in Miami, Broward, The Palm Beaches and Naples.

  • 1 hour session = $150
  • 2 hour session = $350 and includes 30 minutes of post processing techniques
  • 3 hour session = $450 and includes 30 minutes of post processing techniques
  • 4 hour session = $600 Choose how you want to divide the time (ex. 3hrs shooting and 1hr post processing or vice versa) 
  • Post processing prices $75 an hour

All prices are for within Miami and Broward. Add $25 for travel to West Palm Beach and Naples.

florida landscape photography class

Florida landscape photography classes