Come along with me on my kayak as I paddle around Fisheating Creek in Central Florida. I set out at 9am on the first day of summer. The heat and humidity are near intolerable, however, I am determined to find an interesting composition. Due to weeks of rain, the water levels are high and the sounds of nature make the trip a bit more pleasant. Gators are plentiful and their mating season is in full swing. In the end, I find a nice spot along the shore where I get out and explore Fisheating Creek by foot.
The entire video was filmed using a GoPro mounted to my kayak.


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History of Fisheating Creek:
The name Fisheating Creek is derived from the Creek Thlothlopopka-hatchee meaning “the creek where fish are eaten.” Early inhabitants, known as the Belle Glade people, began building mounds and other earthworks along the banks of Fisheating Creek between 1000 and 500 BCE. They subsisted by netting fish and harvesting turtles, snakes, and alligators. For these early people the creek was also a canoe highway leading to Lake Okeechobee and its resources to the east and other settlements to the west.
Much of the land surrounding the creek came to be owned by the Lykes Brothers. The Lykes family prohibited development along the creek and ran a campground and a canoeing concession at Palmdale. Eventually they closed the area in 1989, and following a protracted legal battle, the State of Florida purchased an 18,272 acre corridor along the creek which became the Fisheating Creek Wildlife Management Area (WMA).


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